Pushing the Town Limits!

February 7, 2013

I have recently been placed in a playing dilemma. What do you do when you have a team, and no one, OR no where for that matter, to play? I am on a team that should play out of our home town, but there is no other team in our area. Why is this??? The teams that we should be playing in our area are choosing to play out of another city. Yet our facility is not considered part of that particular area. Therefore, we have to form our team out of the neighboring city and drive to even further cities. While this is a nice excuse for all of us to have a day off during the week, it is also taxing on the time limits. Going through the process of finding courts to play on in another city is proving equally challenging. The crazy thing about all this is that these surrounding cities are in our area.  If we had a chance at a season it would be different, but we are being shut out. As a player and a captain it is very frustrating to try and coordinate with out of town facilities, not to mention 14 women who all have “very important” schedules. So why doesn’t the USTA put some limitations on “out of area” league play. It is one thing for players to go and play on another team in another area it is quite another to take an entire group of people leaving one team behind. I hate that it has come to this and we are being forced into this situation, so I guess we will “do what we have to do with what we have to do it with”. 

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Injury Timeouts or Psych outs???

January 29, 2013

We have all been there…. up in a match, and then the choke fest begins. All the sudden you feel your opponent creeping in and your heart beating out of your chest. You can’t toss the ball to serve and your strokes become jerky and erratic. What can you do at this point? All you would need is a little break, a breather to readjust your mind. So you take an injury time out. Sure you have had a little foot issue lately, and conveniently the pain seems a little worse. If you have ever been across the net from this scenario you know how frustrating it can be to lose much needed momentum. Such was the case for Sloane Stephens, the young American, who had fought her way to the semi-finals after a battle in the quarter-finals to beat Serena Williams. Facing Victoria Azarenka, the world number 1, proved challenging as she found herself down 5-3 with Azarenka serving. Stephens fought hard and broke Victoria to get back in the match. The world number 1, who cited that she “almost did the choke of the year”, took two medical time outs which was almost ten minutes off the court. No stranger to injury timeouts (Serena took one in the quarters) Sloane sat patiently for her opponent to return. Tournament officials stated that Azarenka requested two separate treatments for a knee and rib injury. When asked about the timeouts by ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi she told him that she had chest pains and could not breathe. This scenario seems like desperate gamesmanship to me. One would think that the 19 year old Stephens would be the one with the nerves not the previous champion of the Australian Open. Furthermore, if this happens on the pro circuit how often does it happen in everyday league play, and what can we do about it? It is clear that officials at pro events could monitor more closely the type of treatment a player receives, but what about our matches at our clubs and in our neighborhoods. I guess we will have to rely on the thought of “What goes around comes around”. Either way Victoria better watch out because we have not seen the last of Sloane Stephens, with this controversy under her belt, she is sure to be prepared mentally for the next challenge. 

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Pro Shop

December 3, 2012

Gulf Coast Tennis Club Holiday Sales Event


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